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David W Ingle, AWMA®, CMPS®

David W Ingle, AWMA®, CMPS®

Founding Partner/Managing Member

Throughout his over 25 year career, David has worked in the mortgage and financial industry and with this experience, has developed his mortgage planning process to help all the pieces come together. He previously worked at large banks, including Merrill Lynch and Bank of American, where he was a Senior Vice President managing clients with over $20mil in net worth. He was named a Merrill Lynch Mortgage Champion and one of Bank of America’s top loan officers. He has taught hundreds of loan officers and helped tens of thousands of clients with their mortgages.

All of this experience makes David uniquely qualified to do what he does at Synergistic Wealth Management. He has been a recognized investment and mortgage expert by institutions, homebuyers, realtors, CPAs, attorneys, financial planners and even other loan officers seeking him out for knowledge, advice and guidance. He also teaches wealth management, investment, financial planning, tax planning, and mortgage planning classes for consumers, CFP® professionals, CPAs and realtors.